When mixing your music my goal is to bring your vision to life, while also bringing my personal experience to the mix. I will make your music sound massive with great clarity and definition. I always offer revisions until you are completely satisfied with the results.

Online Metal Mixing & Mastering


Mastering is the icing on the cake, it’s the final layer of polish that makes the final track sound finished and commercially ready. In this final stage of the production I make discrete moves to make the tracks balanced, more energetic and also louder. I offer mastering both for CD and streaming services and like with the mixing, I always offer revisions until you are completely satisfied.

Online Metal Mixing & Mastering

Drum Programming

Recording live drums is both difficult and expensive. Furthermore, you need a high quality player and a good sounding drum kit. I can give you a great sounding kit, perfectly recorded, played by a world class drummer at a fraction of the cost. I use my background as a metal drummer to program realistically with the highest quality samples available from GetGood Drums. The drums are a key component of any metal production, and these will make your track sound massive!

Bass Programming

More and more professional productions are using programmed bass guitar to get a consistent, well tuned result. Especially for low toned metal, the bass is very difficult to get right in the recording stage. I use the highest quality sampled bass guitars from Submission Audio and Impact Soundworks. The bass is crucial for having a powerful sounding metal mix, and these samples are as powerful as they come!

Listen to an example of programmed drums and bass below: